5 July 2017

Pearson Textbook Corrections

This page will be kept updated with any corrections needed for the new 2017 Pearson A Level Maths textbooks. This includes in notes, exercises, answers or Solutionbank.
Please send any errors you find to adamcreen@hotmail.com or tweet @adamcreen
Thanks to: @drfrostmaths@iisrootminusone, @meganguinan1, Chandler Cranfield

Year 1 Pure

page 39, section 3.1
amend to:
"Linear simultaneous equations in two unknowns, that are neither equivalent nor contradictory, have one set of values that will make a pair of equations true at the same time."

page 50, example 11
first line of the solution should say >2 rather than >x, in order to match the question

Year 1 Applied

Please visit this site about the new version of this book

Check your ISBN:
9781 292 18328 2 is the OLD uncorrected version 1
9781 292 23253 9 is the NEW corrected version 2

There is a PDF listing the changes made, which can be downloaded from here (please let me know if this link doesn't work)

Even the new version does NOT correct the following errors, so I am leaving them here:

page 66 question 3 part a)
on the graph, amend the x axis label to "Number of items (n)"

page 67 question 5 part c)
there is a mismatch between the question and the answer
amend to:
"The equation of the regression line of g on t for the remaining data is g = 44.9 - 0.47t
c) Give an interpretation of the value -0.47 in this regression equation"

page 103 example 4
uses 0.001 when 0.01 meant, and the critical region is completely wrong

page 216 Mixed Exercise 4 question 5 part c)
amend to:
"If the temperature increases by approximately 1 degree C, the number of pairs of gloves sold each month decreases by 0.47."
The Solutionbank answer for this uses the regression line of t on g as given, but has a totally different answer for part c based on 10 gloves predicting a 1.8 degree drop of temperature.

page 223 Exercise 8A question 3 part c)
amend to "k = 10 metres" (not seconds)

page 146 question 11 part b)
amend to "x-coordinate -8" (not -28) to yield the answer in the back

page 227 Exercise 10B question 5 part b) iii
amend the bearing to "036.9"

page 230 Review Exercise 2
question 12 no answers given
part b) should be 2.5ms-2 for the trailer and 2.17ms-2 for the car
question 19 no answers given
part a) should be a = 6 - 3t^1/2  and part b) s = 3t^2 - (4/5)t^5/2

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